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Wireless Networks – The 802.11 Series – Wi-Fi Alliance

Our next post is about the Wi-Fi Alliance and other regulatory agencies that play an important role in implementing and monitoring wireless networks.

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802.11 Wireless Networks

Learn the basics of 802.11 wireless networks(WLANs)

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802.11 Beacon Intervals – The Real Story

A realistic look at 802.11 beacon intervals and their purposes. Great knowledge for those studying for CWAP!

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Why Does the OSI Reference Model Matter?

A description of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, why it's important, and an overview of its uses within the wireless industry.

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802.11ac (VHT) - Just the Facts

When a new development comes along, related to any technology, the proper foundation must exist if we are to understand it well. Today, I want to present the basic facts related to the new 802.11ac draft amendment of the 802.11-2012 standard. The purpose is to answer the five most common questions asked about 802.11ac:

  • Why create a new physical layer (PHY)?
  • In what frequency band will the PHY operate?
  • What new capabilities or technologies are introduced?
  • Who will benefit from it?
  • When will we see it?
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