• I just failed the practice exam - 53%. What's the minumum passing score?

    I came across a few unfamilar terms, such as PCI, that weren't in the the Sybex CWTS guide I've been using. I bought the guide last year. Why didn't Sybex cover these topics, and is there a better, more comprehensive book?


  • 70%

    And if you had been reading this website since you started, you would have seen several posts that said the same thing - " Study to the official Exam Objectives."

    The field is so vast, and changes so quickly, no one book could cover it all, or from so many perspectives.

    Since you failed while the latest promotion is going on, at least you can take the exam again for free. So [u]look up the rules[/u] for this, & follow them. Study anew, and study hard, then pass it next time you take it.

    Good luck.

  • I haven't been following this website closely, as you said. I'm planning to test next month. Thanks!

  • Hi Infael,
    One thing you may want to try if you haven't already is getting your hands on a basic networking book to explain some terms/concepts that the CWTS may assume you are already familiar with. (Such as PCI.) I suspect that a lot of the folks starting off on this path have some IT background. (If you already have this background, my bad, disregard.)

  • I have a Masters in Computer Security. wireless wasn't covered (other than encryption). Some things I hadn't heard of: PCI (payment card industry, not peripheral component interface) and backhauls.

  • Hello Infael,

    I came across your posting regarding the CWTS Study Guide by Sybex. I read your comments and I am a little confused. The term PCI is covered in various parts of the book.

    Chapter 3 - Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) - Pages 75 - 80
    Chapter 10 - Regulatory compliance - Payment Card Industry (PCI) - Pages 346 and 369-370

    I wanted to verify you did use the Official Study Guide by Sybex and provide any clarification if needed. The feedback I have received from readers of the book has been very positive and I have been told it is a great help with CWTS exam preparation for the PW0-070 exam.

    I hope you continue to work toward the CWNP certifications and wish you good luck with the exams.

    Thank you,
    Robert Bartz
    Author, CWTS - Official Study Guide by Sybex

  • Ah, gotchya Infael, sorry, no disrespect intended!

    I actually came back to follow up on this post wondering if you may have meant Payment Card Industry---I had not heard of it before so my mind automatically went to the tech term. (I know I should have.) I finally finished "Chapter 13" of my CWSP book and found it covered in the last chapter there. (It is just one minor mention in my exam objectives.)

    So that brings up another question, though. I don't remember it being on my CWTS or CWNA tests...I might just have forgotten but it is likely I wasn't tested on it...because it looks like it came out in 2009 and I tested in 2008. So the question is, is it possible you were studying from an older book or older exam objectives? (Things change so fast! That and forgetting stuff are both good reasons we have to re-cert every 3 years!!!)


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