• I've been doing some homework on 802.11n: the standard, the Wi-Fi Alliance testing procedures, the available equipment, etc, etc.

    One thing I know for sure - we're not going to get anywhere until we have protocol analyzers available that can show us what's happening. June 26th is the target availability date for OmniPeek v5 (which includes full 802.11n support). AirMagnet is still working on theirs as well. I haven't a clue what NetChem, AirDefense, Network Instruments, Network General, Tamosoft, and the others are doing yet...

    I was looking for dual-band 802.11n gear (so as not to spend money unnecessarily), and...WHAT A PAIN!

    The Apple Extreme Basestation (dual-band 802.11n) uses the Atheros AR5008-3NX chipset (which is REALLY good), but Apple doesn't seem to have a card which uses this chipset. Rats!

    Buffalo Tech has a dual-band AP and Cardbus cards: way cool, but not yet draft-2.0 Wi-Fi tested (though their support team says they are being submitted). They use the Broadcom Intensi-Fi chipset (another very good chipset).

    Nobody else seems to have dual-band adapters yet. Grrr. The protocol analyzer companies are working feverishly to build drivers for what cards are currently available, but most are 2.4 GHz only - sucky.

    I just snagged an Apple Extreme Basestation and 2 of the Buffalo cards. I may, when I get some more money, snag a Buffalo AP as well. I've asked many vendors for their help in getting me 802.11n APs for their controllers, but of course most vendors announce availability WAY WAY before they actually release right now, I'm in limbo on that front.

    I'll be glad when some dual-band CardBus cards (or some other useful hardware format) get draft-2.0 certified and released to the public.


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