• We all have bad days at the office. Projects don?t go right, promotions don?t happen, customers are a pain, planes are late, equipment doesn?t work etc. But how bad a day are we really having ? We moan and complain about all sorts. It?s human nature. I used to do my fair share of it.

    I thought I would introduce my friend Ben Parkinson. Whenever I think I am having a ?bad day?, I read and watch the following. This is a story that should give anyone inspiration never to give up on anything. Ever. Ben is the most seriously injured soldier ever to recover from his injuries in the recent conflicts. He never complains. His spirit is unbroken. When doctors told his wonderful parents Diane and Andrew that his life was over and he would never move again. They refused to accept that. Thanks to their efforts, Ben?s determination and the free service provided by his superb chiropractor Aidan, Ben has not only beaten every prediction the doctors made, but is rebuilding his life one week at a time. The video in the second link shows the triumph of the human spirit

    I truly hope that no matter what adversities we go through in our daily lives, that we remember Ben and the lesson he shows all of us that the human spirit can soar from the depths of any hardship. I will not detail all of Ben?s injuries here, but I will say that I was staggered by the degree to which he had been injured.

    Ben exemplifies the finest example of the Airborne Spirit that binds the Brotherhood of Paratroopers the world over.




  • The chap in the following video was my PJI ( Parachute Jump Instructor ) on my refresher course after I'd broken my leg. Nigel has not let his disability slow him down:


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