• [quote]Will your injection device adhere to 802.11 contention?[/quote]

    I think it's about the driver that controls the device rather than the device itself. Actually, "I think" was an understatement:-) I'm sure of that. Now, whether it adheres to 802.11 contention is something you need to ask TamoSoft, as they make the drivers for the Wi-Fi adapters used for packet injection. I have no idea.

    If you look at another page in the their manual,, you will see that they claim that one can easily send deauth frames with their software to initiate EAPOL key exchange, which is needed for WPA-PSK decryption. Pretty close to the task we're discussing here. Since that works (and that's something I'm sure of, as I tested this myself), either it adheres to 802.11 contention, or 802.11 contention is not an issue in an environment with light WLAN utilization, especially if you send multiple packets in a row (you just get lucky most of the times).


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