• I am wondering if anyone knows of any advanced WLAN / RF design class.

    One that would compare the nitty gritty of WLAN designs such as a true micro-cell vs SCA deployments while actually doing the deployments and running tests and seeing the problems with each. Also doing the same for outdoor PtP shots and other advanced techniques.

    I am not sure something like this exists but I would imagine it a 3 to 5 day hands on course. Of course a few vendors would probably have to participate, which hopefully supply some gear and testing tools and maybe offset the cost.

    I see a bunch of people that have gotten their CWNA, CCSP, CWLP, etc (I am one of them) Yah they got letters next to their name and passed a few tests, some may be a little difficult.

    However it is rare to run into a true wireless engineer that has spent hours / days / months in RF cages, chambers doing testing and RF analysis designs, failed implementations that they have learned from.

    If there is not a class like this already maybe some of the CWNE/CWNT's would be interested in teaching something like it.

    Just a thought....

  • I have spent quite a lot of time thinking about a class like you are describing, however there are a few reasons why they don't really exist.

    - Very expensive equipment and software
    - Very few people that could competently teach it
    - Very few people that are at the level that can use the information that would be disseminated
    - Probably high cost to hold the class
    - Surprising low demand

    I'd love to teach this class and probably have a lot of the equipment and software to teach such a course. If you are interested, ping me and we can chat. I'm always trying to sell myself... :)


  • GT,

    I work for a VAR and could most likely get demo hardware and software from our partners, especially since the class might help the students learn their hardware and the likes.

    Let me run this idea up the management tree and see if my company can sponsor a class like this.

    We are located in Raleigh near RTP which is a large Tech Center so we might have a good amount of interest locally to get started.


  • Though I've been teaching an Advanced Wireless Design class - focused on the Design Phase and using AirMagnet to Validate the post install... I would be very interested in this class you're discussing.

    Count me in as one of those Geek CWNE/CWNT's that make up the market for the course!


  • By (Deleted User)

    Make sure you can get the details - location, cost, outline etc. made public well before the event. With enough prior notice, I may be able to get my company to go and pay for it.

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