• From the latest press release:

    The CWNE certification, which has been available since 2007, currently requires the candidate to earn both the CWNA and CWSP certifications, complete a rigorous application process, and then pass exam PW0-300. The CWNE exam (PW0-300) will be retired on September 30, 2010. Beginning October 1, 2010, CWNE candidates will be required to complete a similar, though more streamlined application, and pass four exams:

    Does this mean there will be no single CWNE exam in future? The PW0-300 exam will be gone with the wind after September 30?

    Correct me if I'm wrong: From this October on, CWNE candidates will need to take the CWNA, CWSP, CWDP, and CWAP exams (but no single CWNE exam required), and then submit the CWNE application. - This is the new CWNE application procedure.

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