• - The original post was deleted. It was someone asking questions that seemed to be off of the test. Just thought I would qualify the following remarks -GT

    I see that you are new to the forums so I apologize for my harshness. There have all of a sudden been rashes of "test like" questions on the forums. Now the moderators will delete them if they are from the actual test, but my main problem is that posts such as this one are not the type I like to answer.

    If a person posts a question and describes why they are having trouble finding the answer and have looked for the answer, I am more than happy to help. Questions such as this post disturb me a bit because these questions could be answered very easily with very little study and leads me to believe that the poster did not put forth any effort to answer the questions for themselves.

    Again, I apologize for my bluntness. There are many people here such as myself that are more than happy to help anyone with a problem, but the effort should be equal on all sides.

  • I totally agree with GT. I am concerned that if we are not vigilant,there is a possibility that this site can become a braindump. We should strive to maintain the quality of these certs and not let a few diminish their value. I have seen students requesting testking. Scary!

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