• I have an install where a client wants to provide coverage inside a freezer.  This freezer will get as cold as -70 C, so there are not many options out there, even for heated enclosures.  Does anyone have a recommendation for an external antenna that can be used?  Dual band would be best, but at this point, I'd consider anything.  Thanks. 

  • Honeywell makes a 2.4 GHz Antenna, called the Spire,  good to -40F.    Ventev has enclosed AP's good to -30 C.

    Give Tessco a call.   They carry a lot of antennas.

  • The problem is that although you can use a different antenna it is not conforming, manufacturer warranty, RF propagation etc.

    I would think we all have at sometime done this but be aware.

  • Mike,

    Did you ever find a source for an antenna in such a cold environment ?

    I saw this ad, but it still does not go as cold as you specified.    These are for AP inside also, they might work just for an antenna.

    They have Aruba and Cisco versions, some with antennas and others without:

  • Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the project these APs/antennas were slated for was scrubbed.  Thank you for your input and I won't hesitate to comeback for other design questions!

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