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    I posted as I found it and thought it might be interesting for others.  3-different thought patterns.

    I PM'd you with a lot more detail about the how's and why's of my style of posting.

    As I said privately, I'm in no race when it comes to posting.

    Promise - I probably have more posts on mostly any forum I am active on - however, it's not about the number of posts - it is about the content of those posts and about the style or message contained therein.

    Very rarely do I post "thanks" or something like that.

    My posts are usually coherent thoughts and/or conversations or even methodologies.

    As far as re-posts - sometimes things change and change quickly - in this case the syllabus could - as it does for other courses.  That's my intent to capture a spot in time.

    Then I noticed there was more and thus, the additional post.


    Examples stats from my own blog - where I'm rather active:


    501 posts in like 2 or 3 months.

    75 posts so far in April

    241 posts in March

    Trust me - I'm in no race with anyone for number of posts.


    I post like I think or speak.

    Yep - I talk just like this - I think verbatim. I guess I'd have to ask others to be really sure.





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