• Book - Bluetooth, Operation and Use By Robert Morrow, Published by Mc Graw-Hill ISBN 007138779X.

    However whatever you do, do not buy it from as they are quoting an insane price of $173. Do a web search and you will find it elsewhere at one fifth of the Amaon price. Very weird.

    However has good reviews on Amazon and is based on two courses the author teaches.


  • Karl,

    You might find the following link very useful when searching for books on the web at competitive prices.

    You use the site by putting in a keyword e.g. Bluetooth in the search bar and it will then search through a number of book providers including amazon to give you a list of titles. If you then click on one of the book title links it will then search for the cheapest supplier of that book along with availability. I used to get most of my tech books from Amazon but I find that this site can save me a further 25% or more quite often.

    Hope you find it useful.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for that, good lead. I use alot as Amazon UK is so variable and delivery is a bit shaky.


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