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    I have scheduled my exam for this coming Friday, I went to the first CWAP beta class in Atlanta, below I have listed what I have used to revise, this has been picked up from being on the course - and this forum.

    -I have been through the Coursebook and my notes many times.

    -I have been through the labs (at the back of coursebook) and learnt as much as possible about the programs used in the course.

    -Read through the following books
    1-Wireless Lans-Implementing Interoperable Networks (J.Grier)
    2-Wireless Networking Handbook (J.Grier)
    3-A field guide to wireless lans for Administrator and Power Users (T.Maufer)
    4-802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals (Proshan & Jonathan Leary)
    5-CWNA & CWSP revision notes I had from previous exams
    6-Ordered the IEEE 802.11 Handbook - (been delayed, so will not arrive until after the exam - If I fail will read this, if I pass - will cancel it and wait for the ebook from CWNE to keep as reference)

    -Taken the Online Test for the CWAP exam, scored 50% on first try (read through weak areas again), 75% on second - Hopefully when I take it on Thursday night will get 100%

    I have taken D.Colemans post (, and I am in the process of memorising what he did, including MPDU, the PPDU and the ToDs/FromDs/Four Addresses chart, and Management frames (Fixed Fields & Info Elements) Matrtix.

    Has anybody else got any other info that I may have missed that could possibly help to gain this certification.

    I wil let you know how I get on, hopefullly with any luck my next post will contain some excellent news.



  • Felt confident - Rescheduled exam to today - FAILED - got 58%. Damn!

    I need to go through all objectives again, and understand them better - I wil do more research into each (how they are all related and what effects certain scenarios have on them).

    It was v.hard, but I will try again and again until I pass.


  • Keep your chin up. Study a lttle bit harder this time and you will pass.
    Good Luck!!!

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    Thanks Badger - have you tried this exam yet?


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    No, I have not taken the exam yet. I have just started to study for the exam. Sounds like the exam is pretty interesting.


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    Hey Ranj, David here. I was next to you in CWAP class. Sorry to hear about the test, but I have no doubt you will make it soon. Let us know how it goes. I have not attempted it yet.

  • Hey Dave,

    Do you know if anyone else off the same course has attempted this exam and passed?

    I have scheduled the second attempt for this coming Friday, will let you know how I get on.


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    Haven't heard about any of the others. Glad to hear you are going right back to take it again. I just haven't had the time to study enough for it, but I will give it a go eventually

  • Took it again today, Failed - got 68%

    I am out of ideas on what I should be doing next.........


  • RanjUK, you improved your score by 10 points in a weeks time and missed passing by 2 points. Re-schedual to take the exam again in 2 weeks and double your study efforts. Do not let yourself get to discouraged. Letting yourself get down does you no good.

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