• That is an error in the current early release version of the Kindle edition. The actual objectives are correct, but the list of knowledge domains is not. That will be corrected in an update that you will receive free when the final Kindle edition is released.



  • Do you have a release date for the iBooks version? 

  • Hi John,
    The best I can give you is that we expect it to be available by the end of October.  It will be in final editing for the next two weeks then we can release it to full distribution.  We released an early version to Kindle since updates are downloaded automatically.  Paperback, iBooks and other electronic formats will be covered in the final release.
    V/r, Brad

  • It looks like you could use a crash course in defining metrics yourselves.  :)

    "The noise floor is...., typically measured in dB. For example, -94 dB is a common noise floor reading..."

    "The signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio is not so much a ratio as simply the difference between the noise floor and the desired signals's strength. For example, if the noise floor is -84 dB and the signal is -53 dB, the SNR is 41 dB."

    Jan Vidar

  • Thank you for reporting the typo of 41 instead of 31. Or the typo 0f 94 vs 84, whichever is preferred. Either change will resolve the issue and we will resolve it before final release.


  • Haha, that was not what I was aiming for at all, the typo is all mine. Kindle will not let you copy/paste...

    However, referring to Noise Floor typically being measured in dB, and giving signal strength values in dB will probably only further extend the dB/dBm/dBW confusion among some of us, which should all have been cleared up in CWNA. And to say that the SNR ratio is "not so much a ratio" should definitely never see the iBooks light of day. :)

    The book is more than worth its price at Amazon though, and it works really well with the Kindle app on win10.

    Kind regards

    Jan Vidar

  • Yes, it would probably be better to read "SNR is really not referenced much as a ratio in WLAN speak" because it rarely is. It's usually referenced in dB, such as 15 dB SNR or 20 dB SNR instead of saying 1:232 or something of the such.

  • Is there a release date for the CWDP study kit?


  • The Self Study Kit can be purchased here:

    Or eLearning:


  • Excellent! Thanks Josie!  I just passed the CWSP exam today and wanted to get started on the CWDP now.

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