• Hi everybody,

    It has been several months now that I have been studying CWNA-106 on my own. It is quite a huge book I have to say but I am seeing the end of it eventually! :-)

    To go a bit further in my studies, I tried to download the studying materials that are recommended along the book. I went to and I am redirected towards Wiley website. After creating an account and exploring the site for a while, I finally found the file Unfortunately, the file only contains practise tests and flashcards. I am looking for the protocol analyzers files to vizualize the different types of 802.11 frames, exchanges and so on... I am looking for the exercices files.

    Do you guys happen to find those files? Am I missing something?

    Thank you for your time!

  • Hey Froostix

    You can get the files on the Wiley website where you get redirected to.

    Just go to the "Download" section and expand the part with "See More" - when you scroll down a bit, there should be a title with "Bonus Material" and a "Click to Download"-Link on the right side.

    The file itself is called ""

  • Got it!

    Thank you very much RenzoNotter ! :-)

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