• Hello fellow Wi-Fi enthusiasts.

    I have a question about the Chapter 12: Section WLAN Architecture Capabilities Overview=>[b]Integrated Services[/b]. (CWSP official PW0-204 study guide)

    The last sentence states "The IS mechanism normally takes place inside a WLAN controller when lightweight APs are deployed"

    [b]Is that statement correct???????[/b]

    I would have thought the IS takes place inside the lightweight AP. I didn't think an 802.11 frame could traverse through a wired DS before arriving at the controller for the IS?

    What the sentence in Chapter 12 tells me is an 802.11 frame would have to traverse through the cable->to a switch->then back through a cable before reaching a controller where the IS occurs.

    please explain?

  • Nevermind, I found the answer to my problem.

    I forgot that [b]an IP encapsulation tunnel such as GRE, LWAPP or CAPWAP is used, thus the 802.11 frame can traverse the 802.3 Ethernet.[/b]

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