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    Ultimate Gurus,

    I’m working on my CWSP as the next step in my cert process and working through the study guide.  Chapter 3 has some interesting diagrams of the TKIP and CCMP encryption and data inegrity processes as well as the MPDU layouts.  I am using an ereader version for convenience sake (works awesomely) but many of the diagrams are turned sideways.  I don’t know if it’s like that in actual printed version but it’s very hokey to reference (I’m very visual).  Is there any place where one can download these images for printing purposes so they can be read and referenced?  — CazManDo…

  • I'm not aware of any place to get these images.  I guess you could take a screenshot from your computer or tablet and print it, if you really need a hard copy of the diagram.

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