• So I finally passed the CWTS... Now it's the CWNA exam for me and hopefully Offensive Security Certification after the rest of the CWNP Certs...

    **Yes, I'm ambitious. My wife yelled at me saying I'm studying for way too much right now**

  • By (Deleted User)

    Congratulations Grafixx01! Well done. Your wife will thank you and be proud of you when you've achieved your goals!

  • Thank you sir! I appreciate it and your support through the process.

  • Congrats!! =)

  • Grats! My test is next week

  • All the best infael!

    Took mine just now. I would say while the questions were quite tricky (or for me, confusing) I've managed to get 93%. The highest so far compared to the practice tests I've taken.

    Just don't be confused with the terms that CWNP uses and the terms that are used in the Official Study Guide. A few practice tests on the CWNP website will "acclimatize" you to the exact terms that you might face during the exam.

  • Passed!!!!! 78%!!!

    I was expecting something like CompTIA's exams. This test is better written.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Well done infael!!! Congratulations, and thanks for the kind words on the quality of the exam.

  • Great Job man. lol My wife gets mad if I study to much also haha.

  • conratulations to everyone, I'm also one of newly cwts certified guys.
    I had exam two weeks ago and now i'm already carrying card on my wallet. thank you for fast sending

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