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  • Hey Guys,

    I have taken two practice exams on the CWNP website (from pool A and pool B) for the CWTS exam and I received 80% both times. Reckon that will be enough to pass the actual CWTS exam? Taking the practice exams again seems kind of pointless seeing as the same questions are used and therefore I know the questions and answers to them. Is the CWTS exam considerably harder than the practice tests or very similar?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Generally, you should aim for scores in the 90s, though it's not wise to take them so many times that you've memorized every Q&A. Focus on the explanations. Most people score 10-15 points lower on the exam than the practice tests.

  • Thanks for the advice. I took the the pool A exam again and got 98% although it doesn't leave me feeling confident at all lol My exam isn't for another week yet so I will just continue to study hard core (whilst studying uni and working full time) and keep positive and hopefully everything will be all sweet.

  • I just passed CWTS yesterday with an 86%. My situation sounds exactly like yours. i was getting 80-85% on the practice tests, and took them both a second time and got 97% 98% on them. The real exam was a bit more difficult than the practice tests though. It took me about 35 minutes to complete. In all reality, the CWTS exam is not hard at all, especially in relation to the other CWNP exams. Don't sweat it, it's a very low level exam that you should pass without any problems.

  • Nick -- as long as the tests and study materials are teaching you the concepts, then they are a good indication of how you'll do on the real test. For each question you get wrong, be sure to understand why you missed it, then study that subject in the study guide and other sources until you really get it.

    The online tests are great, and I used them for my CWNP certifications. Just make sure that you are not memorizing right answers, and that you are instead researching the topic thoroughly. If you have the Sybex study guide, try the flash cards, too. They don't give you the multiple choice answers -- they make you form your own answer and stretch a little more.

    Best of luck, I'm sure you'll do well!

  • Just letting you guys know, I passed with 93%

    Thanks for your study tips :)

  • Congrats, Nick. On to CWNA?

  • Congrats, Nick. On to CWNA?

  • Yes that is that plan. However it's a somewhat difficult decision at the moment. The Sybex study material I have (including the CD that's included on the CWNP website) provides for the -104 exam, but all four pools of practice tests on the CWNP website all are for the -105 exam. I have read on the forums that studying for the -104 and then taking the -105 is not recommended at all, however I don't have -105 study material (except for the practice tests on CWNP). Is there really that much difference? Should I study all of the -104 Sybex material, take the -105 practice tests, and then do real -104 or -105 exam?

    I realize I only have until July 31st for the -104 but that isn't the issue.

    Thanks again for any advice,

  • [quote]Is there really that much difference? [/quote]

    Start with this document: "[url=]What changed from 104 to 105[/url]"

    That'll show you how much changed. You still have 10 weeks or so to prep for -104.

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