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    I have a strange question. I have passed the CWNA and CWSP exams. My 3 year recertificion period ends on 24 Jan 2013. My question is, can I retake the CWNA prior to that date and keep my CWNA (I don't want a lapse in having a wireless cert)? Reason I am asking is because I have been helping some co-workers study for the CWNA and a can probably pass the exam with little or no prep. As far as the CWSP goes, my planned study schedule has just been stopped due to 1) moving to another city/county for new job and the requirement for me to get my PMP prior to the end of January. I hate to have to retake both exams but that looks like the course I have been put on.

    Thank youggman

  • Passing an advanced certification, for example the CWSP, before its particular expiration automatically re-certifies you with the CWNA also.

  • Thank you and understand. I guess my question is mute point. Fact is, I can pass the CWNA due to my helping others prepare for it. I do not have time to look at the CWSP since I am neck deep with PMP, moving back to the states and new job that just came up. My understanding is that once my CWSP expires, I need to retake the CWNA and CWSP again anyway. Since I want to maintain a wireless cert I will take the CWNA soon and try to retake the CWSP sometime in the future. 

    v/r gg-man

  • good luck !

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