• Hi,
    This forum is great but it is obviously focused on the certifications.

    What are some other Wireless Networking forums that you know of?

    Where is a good place to go to discuss enterprise level projects/problems/industry news?

    I can recommend [url=][/url] but sometimes that place is
    too quiet, and also a lot of the posts are from home users.


  • In my humble opinion, CWNP forum is one of the best online communities of WLAN professionals.
    You can ask any question not only regarding certifications.

    You can also find useful LinkedIn groups named "Wi-Fi group" and "802.11 wireless professionals" as additional place for Enterprise WLAN discussions.

  • WiFi forums are not communities in the same way as SCUBA, ham radio, motorcycle forums. people don't hang around and talk sports and politics

    wifi forums are:

    a very few people with a clue
    too many people who don't have a clue but provide answers
    one POS who has one solution to every problem: Buy a Chuk Foo router from me
    incomprehensible twits who would make no sense in their own language, then use a second rate translating site to convert native nonsense to Double Gobbledegook English
    clueless newbies asking questions better answered by a guy named Google
    jerks who never ever provide the first answer to a question, but argue about any answer provided

    and this twit: "I have been tasked with providing WiFi to the next Superbowl. I have a budget of $250. I found this 3800 mW USB adapter with a 36 dbi gain dish for $28. Will 8 of these cover the Superbowl?"


    What you want is:

  • Yes, there are a lot of Certification related posts on this site - as you would expect. (Though it looks more cert. focused than it really is, due to the way its index is written.)

    But there are thousands of posts here about wi-fi problems with answers, and discussions. These range from very technical issues down to simple home setups. I would say that the discussions here have a [u]much[/u] higher Wi-Fi knowledge base than most other forums.

    This is, by definition, a vendor neutral site. If you want more specific information on a particular vendors command string, I'm sure you can find it. But if you want knowledge about what makes it all really work, and not just those command strings, this is one of the best places to come.

    The search tools for the forums could be a little more sophisticated, but they provide users a direct connection to perform an in-depth search, using Google, for anything covered in the large well of information that they maintain.

  • Hmmm...the more I look around, the more I think that the cwnp forum is the place to be.

    The problem with sites named things like "", even though there are some very knowledgeable users there, is that every single person who searches for "weak signal" or "how to share connection with roommate" is going to end up there.

    As a professional is is disheartening to answer the same questions over and over again, and when I need to ask a question I simply don't (because of the reasons that ad5mb stated above).

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