• Hi All,

    I came across the below mentioned link

    I understood that these are software's (Build/Firmware/ OS ) for an AP and we need to have an empty AP(hardware) for this purpose.Please correct me if I am wrong?

    It would be great if anyone of you could let me know whether we can simulate an AP and client devices without any hardware using Open source Linux.If so how?


  • Use Knoppix.

  • Hi Prithvi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Knoppix is a Linux software. I think its like any other flavor of Linux like Red hat or Debian .Please correct me if I am wrong. Have you used this software before and simulated Access points?

    I was looking for something like this in the link pasted below.

    I wanted to know was it possible to simulate a complete Wi-Fi solution without hardware. I know the answer is No.Please let me know if I am wrong.

    Thanks a lot !!!



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