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    The CTIA and the WFA have both said that certain WLAN channels are susceptible to desensitization by various cellphone up-link harmonics.

    These channels include 11 and 13 in the 2.4 GHz range and 44, 60, 124, 132, 140, and 157 in the 5 GHz band.

    Since these are up-link related, I would suspect that users attempting to use their phones would be affected the most.

    Has anyone noticed any problem that night be related to this issue ?


  • I worked a great deal on harmonics in a previous life. What I would say is that this should be able to be quantified rather than use vague terms such as "susceptible". 

    It would be good to see if it is something that could be an issue or just something that is so low level that it is negligible.

  • The CTIA document entitled "Test Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance" briefly mentions the problem.  This is in regard to radiated versus conducted measurements, but there are no real details given.  This is a publicly available document.

    The WFA has tests for "Wi-Fi Mobile Converged Devices", i.e. those with simultaneous Wi-Fi and Cellular capability.   It describes the actual tests in more detail.   This test plan also lists the particular frequencies that can cause WI-Fi radios  a problem with the various GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, etc. cellular technologies. There are separate tests with cellular enabled and disabled.  Unfortunately the document has a restricted distribution.

    Essentially the tests involve radiated testing with intentional interferers present.

    I was hoping to hear about any problems seen in the field with normal Wi-Fi equipment.

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