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    hi, i'v been searching around the net for information on wither the aironet 1200 can run the 2.4ghz as the access point for clients and the 5ghz as a bridge simultaneously.


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    i would not think so, but checkout cisco's web site and see. they have user manuals and config guides.

  • You would need to use the Cisco 1310. The 1310 in bridge mode provides both access point and bridge function. The 1200 can only be used as an access point.

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    Ok, so the AP1200 can't be run as a bridge, BUT, you CAN run it like this. Setup the .11g radio for local access (i.e. a hotspot), and configure the .11a radio as a repeater/non-root. There are some limitations on distance but this is a good scenario to bridge (bridge as in ethernet bridge on the AP not as a wireless bridge) local wireless .11g/b client traffic to the wireless .11a link back to the wired network (was that confusing?). Anyway, this works well in some specific environments and saves having to install bridging when it's not needed while retaining a fairly high throughput rate, AND, I'm pretty sure it's supported by Cisco TAC.


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