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  • By (Deleted User)

    [quote]Can anyone tell me how helpful are the dumps that are available online. [/quote]

    Oh, no you didn't. Please do two things for me? First, re-read 802.11Chef's post, or at least 1 sentence of it. It says this: "You do not need a brain dump to pass."

    Second, do not ever ask for a brain dump on this forum. If you're going to cheat on our exams, be smart enough not to advertise it, or just move on to another certification.

  • oh no sir,,, I have been preparing well enough from the official study guide and a few text books references.
    One of my friend advised me to have a look for one of those.... therefore I wanted opinions before getting into anything like that.

    Thanks for the advice anyways.

  • Mitha

    You clearly stated "Can anyone tell me how helpful are the dumps that are available online. I have a couple of them and have appeared for the test twice but failed both times at 46 and 62%"[i]

    Geez I caant type anymore, unbelievable, absolutley unbelievable.

    If your freind sai stick your head in the fire would you?

    Sorry I am off to lie in a darkened room!!!!!

    802.11Chef congrats again, I think the study guides are awesome I constantly refer to them, have to sort out some exam time me thinks!

    Kevin I apologise dumpers just kill me people where I work use them for Cisco certs its pointless man pointless you are only fooling yourself and when you get found out embarassing yourself and wireless is a small industry.

  • Mz, you need tor realize that reading/skimming the study guide will not prepare you for the exam.

    You need to dedicate time to pass it. If you're learning the material on your own, you may need to dedicate up to 6 months of reading chapters, making notes, and consulting with other professionals.

    The thought of taking a brain dump can be tempting and most of my colleagues (all certified from a famous routing/switching company) were shocked that I was not using a brain dump. This is because as Pete mentioned, the wireless industry is not that big - there are only a handful of wireless professionals.

    If you ended up using a brain dump, the industry would quickly find out that you [b][u]do not know your stuff[/u][/b], and there goes your credibility, and you devalue the certification.

  • Good Morning,

    Figured everyone already covered that dumps are bad, but I honestly thought this was a Joke MZ. April Fools day was last month :)

    In all seriousnous, it doesnt take much to study for this exam..Simply pick up the CWSP study guide and there you go. The kind CWNP folks who wrote the book were even kind enough to provide sample labs so you can learn the technology and the best part, you dont even need to buy any vendor specialized hardware or software. You can pretty much learn with basics you likely have around the home already.

    why fork over the money for a piece of paper? Granted I was a bit excited when my CWNA certificate arrived but the big bonus was the amount of base knowledge I gained the process. Remember it's not the end of the road, it's the journey itself. I took 6 full months to study for the CWNA as I typically didnt do much wireless however I have a very strong RF and Security backgrounds so those portions were easier. As for the CWSP, I take it in a couple days and am actually a little concerned about this one even with over a decade of security and R/S knowledge but I'll have to lean on the fact that I have scoured the CWSP study guide pretty well over last 4-5 months so maybe I'll squeak by :)

    What it all get's down to is why waste the 225.00 for something that will gain you little when you can study for a few months and actually capitalize on the investment? I'm doing this for my own personal enjoyment, my employer isnt paying for it, doesnt even know about it and I dont plan to get a raise or other compensation for it.

    an added plus I've found with the CWNP certifications is they provided a very sound base for my CCNP Wireless studies. In fact I concurrently studied for the CWSP and IAUWS exam and found that the two complimented each other quite well.

    I typically am pretty shy around forums and dont post much, but this one hit a little bit close to home since I'm taking the exam in the few days myself.


    CCIE R/S
    CCNP, CCSP, CCVP, CWNA, et al....

  • Appreaciate all your kind suggestions guys. I actually feel better and less depressed now after such guidance. Will work hard n get it done for sure soon....


  • The study guides are really awesome, if you get through them, understand the details you will do well.

    CWSP is all about detail, when you master the concepts it really does start to fit together and make sense.

    Stick with it DO NOT USE DUMPS and you will do well.

    Anything you are not sure of Google and or ask in here.

  • Hi guys,,

    I need your help again for getting ur views on some questions that I have. I am very close to appear for my CWSP test and m working tough on it. I have tried looking into study guide, text book and searched the web but m not able to come to any decison about the answers.

    1. Protocol that can be used to compare 2 values with MD5 ? Ans:_________________
    2. Is "Encapsulation" a characteristic of VPN? Ans: ________________
    3. Whats basic component can be requied to secure wireless 802.11 network? Ans : __________

    Pls give ur valuable views on this if possible


  • MZ,

    Not sure what you are getting at with the questions, are you making these up? These questions do not appear from the CWSP study guide actually I'm pretty sure they are not..I've read the book several times.

    The first question makes no sense, the second is extremely easy encapsulation is a characteristic of a VPN, The third makes no sense either, somethings missing.

    Not to burst your bubble but it appears you may have some serious knowledge gaps and would be better off rescheduling your exam. The question about VPN's is what led me to make this deduction.

    The exam is no joke, I barely failed it and I've been around the networking industry for quite awhile.

  • Hi

    I had a little confusion on the questions asked before and I actually made it up buy was not able to present it in a proper way. Neways thats sorted out now. But I need ur views on the question below. I am pretty sure the answer would be Protocol Analyzer but again confused with the question.

    q. if you are performing a penetration test on a network n want to check if remote connections are susceptible to session hijacking or eavesdropping, then which network tool would you use?
    protocol analyzer or vulnerability analyzer?

    pls help , thanks

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