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    I am trying to get a sense of the common questions customers ask  with regards to a wifi deployment or planning. We have been doing wireless for a while now, but am compiling a list of questions to pre-answer concerns.Is there a resource that  houses wifi FAQs? 

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  • Certainly, not a direct answer to your question, but a post that Sean Rynearson made at:

    may prove interesting to you.

    Some companies, like Cisco, also have brochures for their sales partners that have sections on this topic.   A lot of it is specific to their gear of course, but some of it is generic to wireless.

    And as you know, many companies have FAQ sections on their websites, but they are usually specific to their products.

  • Wow you are super active in the forums Howard.

    I was looking for something generic but I will check out the link for sure.

    Awesome Howard thank you,

  • Not really that much...

    But thank you for the kudos :-)

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