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    These is a term that have have been using for several years in a classroom environment when referencing a number of WLAN topics such as CSMA/CA, co-channel interference, etc.

    I shared it with Joel and some others a couple of weeks ago on Twitter and I thought I would post it here as well:

    Contention domain: a physical area where multiple STAs compete for access on the half-duplex medium of a single frequency.

  • I've been pushing the 'Collision Domain' concept in my classes for years now. So many folks don't understand the 'hub'ness of Access Points.

    I started using 'Contention Domain' this week instead. Perhaps more folks with 'Get It' this way.

    I'm pushing to get it into the WiFi Lexicon!

    Thanks Mr. Multipath

    By the way - I also liked your pic of Devin & friends

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