• Do you find out your score immediately?

    Can you see which answers you got wrong?

    After taking several practice exams, I've come to realize that some questions can be very poorly worded and misleading. Would we be able to contest some of our wrong answers?

  • Hi,

    Yes, like any other Computer Based Test (CBT), you would get your scores immediately.

    You wont however know which ones were wrong. That is CWNP's IP.

    You cannot contest anything. I felt that questions on the exams were NOT ambiguous. If you feel they are, you can just put your comments for a particular question by clicking on 'Comment' button on top left corner during the exam. But, be aware! If you have marked wrong answers, it would be treated as wrong and by comment you just provide some feedback to CWNP question framing team. In no ways, it would improve or degrade your overall score. Also, be aware that you would not want to put a lot of time on commenting on questions. Rather take the questions and do your best to choose your answers and move on.

    Thanks and regards,

    Pravin Goyal

  • Pravin,

    Do you have to get the entire question right or do you get Partial credit like Cisco exams?

  • No partial credits. Either you get it right or its wrong.

  • That is correct.    There is no partial credit.

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