• Every time a new security suite comes around we always imagine that it is the greatest and will probably ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°not be broken???¡é?¡é????????for ages. I though this was quite interesting showing the lengths that some people will go to ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°get that data???¡é?¡é????????.

    This bloke is something else???¡é?¡é???????|???¡é?¡é???????|???¡é?¡é???????|???¡é?¡é???????|.

    Now, let me just go and throw that box of GTC's in the bin.......

    The whole security game is very difficult. What type of encryption can we run that will give us ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°acceptable???¡é?¡é???????? security but at the same time won???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡ét tie up the precious processor and memory resources, increase heat emission etc in our little access points etc. I have great respect for the designers who have to balance all these factors ???¡é?¡é?????¡é?€?? security/cost/resources/power drain etc. Not an easy task.

    For CWNA folks: I???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡éll put some postings up on security and encryption etc later on.

    There's an old saying that there is nothing new under the sun.

    Even our fancy CCMP/AES systems can trace their basic roots all the way back to Julius Caesar and before. Each new system can trace most of the concepts and engineering back to previous things. These days there are very, very, very few truly original inventions.


  • What an eye opening video. Thanks for sharing... I would say this is out of reach of the normal hacker, but non the less if what he has done is true this just opened up a BIG CAN OF WORMS.

  • Hi

    Unfortunately it's very true. It's quite amazing to see him "pulse" the 8 bit data bus with that liitle needle.

    They reset the card and look to see "where it goes" upon "boot-up" [ for want of a better expression ].

    You can see the hex data on the logic analyzer.

    Some more info on this truly unique person.


  • LOL... what a cat and mouse story ! I love it!

    I remember black sunday, in fact i was big into the P1 cards myself...

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