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    Hi, which to start with after CWNA? is it Security CWSP or design CWDP? I also assume that the analysis should be the final one. Thanks a lot.

    Regards- Farhoud

  • Hi Farhoud,

    speaking from my experience CWSP -> CWDP -> CWAP, but the order doesn't really matter.

    Good luck with your study.

  • Thank you Rados.

  • I would go with whatever is most relevant to your job.

    However, taking the CWAP first will help a lot with the CWSP later, especially if you are testing authentication.

  • I agree with Howard. As there is a lot of the CWAP info in the CWSP knowledge. 

  • Thanks a lot. I reviewed the contents and yes, CWAP then CWSP makes logic. I will go for CWDP first then back to AP and SP. Thanks again.

  • I think this really depends on what your background is and where your existing strengths lie.  

    I, personally, have left the CWAP exam as my final exam as I consider it to be the most difficult.  I'm happy that I've tackled the design and security tracks first. 

    I wish you well in your studies.   Cheers!

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