• Hello respected CWNP member's,

    Is there any difference between CWAP old and new book. I would like to buy the new one however its not available locally here in India and US version is 5-6 times the price.

    Is it worthwhile to continue using CWAP old version for the exam?

  • From a historical perspective, I don't think it's ever been a good idea to use one of the older editions with a newer CWNP test. Too much "stuff" changes in the book, as well as the industry.

    It might be ok if you already knew so much that you could have gotten an 85% without any studying, but other than that, forget it.

    Sorry the price is so high for you.

    Good luck,


  • Wlanman, thanks for your suggestions.
    I have already bought new CWAP study book. I was able to buy it from ebay for half the price with delivery.
    I have managed to read through about half of the book. Up to now, it only consist of the frame format descriptions. Many themes are interrelated with other CWNP books with emphasis on frame structure. I expected it to pay more attention to WLAN analysis methods and techniques. Probably, I should read it whole, from cover to cover before making final suggestions but it is my impression up to the date.

  • Having read all the book from cover to cover, I would say that quintessence of the whole book is written on page 533.
    It states that "When performing analysis, you are looking for any unexpected behavior or error messages. If you are going to detect unexpected behavior, you need to know what the expected behavior is." That is why you have to know WLAN protocols.
    Looking forward for my exam!

  • Also I can highly recommend this document as additional CWAP preparation material. It is chapter named "Wireless sniffing with wireshark" from book named "Wireshark and Ethereal network protocol analyzer toolkit".
    You can read it free at author's site:
    It has a lot of examples of practical situations and many useful tips for wireless analysis techniques with Wireshark.

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