• GTHill,

    Firstly thanks for your effort in Answering my question.I felt that this question will be left unanswered.[Most of the people might not put their
    Minds into reading the post and replying to it]

    From your reply ,i understand your point that AP1 has to know STA1 presence.It will do the ARP process.
    [Am i right].

    Thanks for lighting this bulb.[Its me].

    I would like to CWAP in the next six months time.But the problem is that Packet Analyzers are Priced very High.

    Thanks a lot Again GTHill.
    I started posting in this forum in 2003[In a different account].Devin was answering questions
    that time.Now Happy to see that you,Criss Hyde,and Joel Play a good role in educating people. I hold CWNA and CWSP certs now ... Hoping to join your club soon...

    Best regards,

  • No problem on answering your question. Sorry I didn't get to it earlier.

    ARP is the process of resolving a MAC address from an IP address. When a wireless STA or AP begins to TX a data frame, an ARP has already happened (or the MAC is in the ARP cache).

    The CWAP is of course very achievable, but you should get some time with some packet captures. Anyway, keep studying everything else for the CWAP. Have you gotten my Management frame study sheet yet? It's horrible to look at, but it has a lot of information in one place. Here is the link.

    [url] [/url]

    I suggest that you memorize the left side of the sheet at a minimum.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Good luck to you.

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