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  • I took the CWTS today and scored a 87%. Now, onto CWNA.

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    Congrats! :D Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks Jules. I could've done better but testing anxiety got the best of me. :(

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    Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that.. Here are some tips and strategies to help with that going forward.

  • Hey Charlie, I have a few questions about the exam. What would you say is the most effective way to study for this exam? I have been writing out the textbook, and I remember it pretty well. However, once I am done with the text, I plan on writing out all of the questions on the practice exams. Would I be able to just skip the textbook and do well with only the practice exams? Did you purchase the extra pools of exams for $50?

  • Generally speaking, I would always recommend studying using a CWNP online practice exam.   It will help you learn the "mindset" of the exam writers, which is very important - certainly more important than rote learning of the material.

    That said, the CWTS is by far the easiest of all the exams.   One of my co-workers passed it by just reading through the book twice.

    The best strategy is to obey the Golden Rule for every CWNP exam "Study to the Objectives".

  • Thank you for the advice, Howard. I will definitely use it to my advantage. I am on page 100 of 496, and it has been one week. I would say the information is easy to follow; I do not want to take the practice exams without knowing the material first. See you at the finish line!

  • Salman,

    I think that's a good way to look at it.

    Even though you can look at the material as being in sections, they are still all interrelated.   Understanding the whole picture will help you understand each of the individual pieces, and the context.

    One problem I have, is that I end up memorizing the test questions and answers if I take the tests too often.   At that point they are no longer testing my knowledge of the material.

    I recommend you take the tests once, keep track of the individual section scores,and then re-study.   Don't use the tests to learn the material.   Use them as a tool to see how well you understand the material.

  • Saiman, the CWTS exam is fairly easy. I only read the book and took the practice tests offered by CWNP. I could have scored higher, but I got my bad testing anxiety. Good luck!

  • Charlie, thanks for the advice! I am studying through the book and got through page 200 (chapter 6) thus far. I am okay with the material, I plan to take the exam somewhere in September or October to keep a steady review going. I received the book 2 weeks ago, so I guess I am on par. Just a quick question for anybody, the CWTS certification is lifelong right? There is no expiration or re-certification required is there?

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