• Can someone explain FT keys, holders, and roles to me?

    On page 265 in Table 7.1 it shows four key holder roles:R0KH, R1KH, S0KH, and S1KH. The second two are shown to be on the station. That made sense to me.

    Then I turned the page and the last paragraph on page 266 and figure 7.11 both show the client station as holding PMK-R1 and PMK-R0, with PMK-S0 and PMK-S1 nowhere to be found.

    Is this an error or am I confused?

    While you are at it, what is the benefit to the multiple PMKs? Why not derive the PTK from PMK-x0?

    I was expecting that to be explained, but the text jumps right in to information elements.



  • Dan,

    I assume you mean the CWSP book. Unfortunately someone took my copy, so I can't help you on the specific book question.

    As to why it isn't disscussed more in this book, I'd guess that there it is just too much detail to go into there.

    CWNP can't put EVERY detail, on everything, into this book.

    I would suggest you read [u]Real 802.11 Security[/u], by Edney and Arbaugh - Addison Wesley, for a more complete description of the WPA and RSN key hierarchy.

  • > I would suggest you read Real 802.11 Security, by Edney and Arbaugh

    My test is in six and a half hours. I'm a fast reader, but not quite that fast :-)

    If I could even find a copy here (Shimla, India.)

    I have three copies of the CWSP book; I can send you one if you like.


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