• It's going to take some time to move toward the 'controllerless' wireless network. Not for technological reasons, but for sales commission reasons. It's so much easier for a salesman to sell an expensive controller (and redundant controller) because the commission checks are soooo much bigger than on Access Points alone.

    Salesman drive sales, and sales drives a company's revenues. Sure, buyers of said equipment would like to have lower costs, but are leery to try new 'un-tested' technology. I'm betting the big vendors will move to more adaptive modes like Motorola in the short term. You just 'gotta' get that data distributed and keep all data frames from 'having' to all go back to a controller at the core. Way too much load on the Access, Distribution and Core... especially for things like VoWiFi.

    The technology (protocols) needed for a controllerless Wireless LAN environment are available... but still proprietary. (Cisco also have proprietary routing protocols but that's on a different scale)

    Isn't it great that we live in 'interesting times'?


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