• Imagine trying to set up a wireless network without any planning. In most cases, a less than optimal network, or even a non-functioning network would result. Background reading is required in order to understand how to configure, maintain and troubleshoot the network. In some cases, experts need to be brought in to help with more difficult problems. So it is with back and neck pain due to muscular causes. The ?modern curse? of Fibromyalgia can often be relieved or in many cases eliminated via a PROPER analysis of posture and muscular imbalances. I was told that I would have it for the rest of my life. Not a single doctor performed any of the analyses mentioned. I am now pain free from Fibromyalgia, as are hundreds of others I have known who have been analyzed and treated properly.

    Please look at the two videos in the weblink below. What is being done here will become clearer after we discuss a few items. This is pure engineering.

    Just as with a Wi-Fi site survey, I cannot overemphasize how important it is to get a PROPER analysis done. How do we know who can do a proper analysis ? I?ll cover that later when I discuss how to chose a therapist. I had to go through a number of terrible ones. Some were incompetent, some simply had reached their mental limits in terms of understanding the body, some did not have enough background information, some were arrogant and some were no better than thieves. However, there are many good ones out there, and I?ll provide some guidance on how to find them and what to ask them.

    As mentioned previously, we have three main curves in our spines. There are simple tests that can be done to determine if all three are at their optimum values. ?The term MUSCULAR IMBLANCE? or MI is important to understand. Imagine that you are a Wall Street trader and spend all day with the phone tucked into the right side of your neck. Unless you are one of the very, very few people ( via genetics etc ) who have a very loose and supple musculature, over time the right side neck muscles will contract and may become more powerful than the left. This of course can cause the neck and head to be pulled to the right. This is one of the things that a good postural analyst will note. He will then come up with a plan to restore balance in the body. I will repeat that. The goal is to restore BALANCE to the body, both in terms of musculature and the position of our head, trunk,legs, arms and feet. The location of center of gravity while standing is vitally important

    One thing that we have to be very careful of ( and analysts especially ) is to analyze the entire body from head to toe prior to making any judgements about what is causing what. A problem in your neck may be caused by a problem in your feet and vice versa. THIS IS ALMOST COMPLETELY MISUNDERSTOOD BY MOST DOCTORS. MOST DOCTORS WILL SNEER AT THIS, YET THIS CAN AND HAS BEEN VERY EASILY PROVEN IN THE PAST. THE BODY IS AN INTEGRATED MECHANICAL SYSTEM, HIGHLY INTERCONNECTED.
    I hope to illustrate this in the next few posts.

    Lets? look at an example. For anyone who has gone to a therapist or chiropractor and been told ?There?s your problem?your left leg is shorter that your right?, you have to be extremely careful with that statement.

    Does this mean that you were born with the bones of one leg physically shorter than the other ? This does happen, but it is extremely rare. In the majority of cases, mechanical movements of the body have caused the TEMPORARY APPEARANCE of a leg length discrepancy. In many cases ( as originally was the case with myself?.one leg an inch and a half shorter than the other ), ?shoe lifts? are recommended.


    There are some other medical conditions for which shoe lifts are required, but if anyone tells you that you need one, all muscular issues should be resolved first, prior to making that decision.

    Take a look at the level of rock star Iggy Pop?s right shoulder compared to his left ( even taking into account the angle of the photo ) and the sideward bend at his hips. More about that later.

    SCOLIOSIS ( SPINAL TWISTING AND BENDING ) IS SIMILAR. They wanted to put steel rods down my spine ( as has been done with countless people before ). Using a magic marker pen, one of my therapists went down my spine marking every spinous process ( the ?knobbly bits? at the back of your spine ). A photograph was then taken and we could see as clear as daylight where the spine was being bent and twisted ( there is a form of scoliosis called rotational scoliosis where some other tests need to be done ). Once we saw where the bending was taking place, we analyzed my entire posture and figured out which muscles had contracted. Then it was just a matter of getting those muscular imbalances resolved. Viewed from the back, my spine is now exactly where it should be. This was a mechanical engineering exercise?nothing more and nothing less. Doctors will tell you that scoliosis is caused by bone growing faster on one side of the spine than the other. Symptom and cause once more. Could it be that the bone does not grow faster ? Could it be that extra bone is laid down by the body, because the spine had bent due to tight muscles ? Could it be that when the spine bends to the side, extra pressure is applied to the spine and the body lays down extra calcium to try to protect it. ?

    Most doctors agree that osteophytes ( bone spurs ) are laid down when the spine bends out of shape front to back, yet many cannot understand a similar process side to side. Provided the bones have not fused together, the therapists I see have resolved every single case of scoliosis they have been presented with. They have the X-rays to prove it. In most cases, the extra bone growth is reabsorbed back into the body after a a year or so, once the pressure causing conditions disappear. They also have X-rays to prove this.

    One of the most incredible things to see is someone twisted with scoliosis having their spine partially made straight with steel rods in place. There are surgeons in Florida who can remove these rods. The patients then go back to the therapists and get the remaining treatment done. This is one of the most incredible things I have seen.

    Compassion is something that should come to us naturally, yet is sadly missing among certain doctors and therapists. How anyone ( and I?ve seen plenty ) could not have a heartfelt reaction to that previous picture, then I just don?t know. If a therapist or doctor does not display any compassion, then in my experience they should be kept at arm?s length. The best ones that I have found have all gone through physical problems themselves, as I?ll discuss in another post.

    ?Ah? they say, ?why is it that some children are BORN with scoliosis ?? ?They haven?t sat at computers all day, they haven?t used their right leg on the gas peddle all day etc etc ?. They just need to chat with an experienced midwife about foetal postioning in the womb. The child has muscles just like we all do. In a slightly altered ( from textbook ) position, the child can lay such that muscles in one side of the back contract more than others from position. Many of us have experienced that after sleeping on a friend?s couch after a party. When the baby is born, the muscles are very easily stretched, and scoliosis in babies can be treated fairly easily. There are certain terrible diseases of the spine such as spina bifida etc which can cause scoliosis, but we are not talking about that here. Purely muscular issues.

    For people who have physical leg length differences caused by bone length differences, lifts are a good solution.

    Leg length discrepancy can be caused by a multitude of things. Let?s discuss a few. Firstly, try laying down on a hard surface such as the kitchen floor. Hands by sides. Have someone come and put their hand under your left knee and under your right knee, in turn. I can pretty much guarantee that you will find that the gap under one leg is larger than the other. For most people that will be the right leg. Why ? A few reasons, but one of them involves a rarely understood muscle called the POPLITEUS at the back of the knee. This little ( but important muscle ) at the back of the knee is responsible for ?locking and unlocking? the knee. If we are right-handed, we tend to use our right leg more ( to kick a ball, to push something with our foot, gas pedal usage is one of the main ones where we are ?forced? to use the right leg ).

    If you are laying on your back, and one popliteus muscle is tighter than the other, that will cause the knee to bend. If the knee bends, the lower leg and upper leg now form a partial ?V-shape?. This now means that the foot is drawn up towards the head more than on the other side. One leg now looks shorter than the other. This can be partially resolved by having the person lay face down. Gravity will help ?straighten the leg?. However, if the muscle has contracted far enough and knots and adhesions are present, even that will not help.,r:1,s:0&tx=47&ty=82

    In the next post we?ll discuss two muscles that can cause changes throughout the whole body. Then we?ll look at some analysis methods.

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