• Hello guys,

    Yesterday I was studying for the CWSP reading about the the Group Key Handshake then I thought, what could happen if any STA looses the new GTK (for whatever reason)? Today I checked the 802.11 2007 and found the following:
    [quote] Group Key Handshake implementation considerations
    If the Authenticator does not receive a reply to its messages, its shall attempt dot11RSNAConfigGroup-
    UpdateCount transmits of the message, plus a final timeout. The retransmit timeout value shall be 100 ms
    for the first timeout, half the listen interval for the second timeout, and the listen interval for subsequent
    timeouts. If there is no listen interval, then 100 ms shall be used for all timeout values. If it still has not
    received a response after this, then the Authenticator?s STA should use the MLMEDEAUTHENTICATE.
    request primitive to deauthenticate the STA.[/quote]

    So I assume that after a unspecified number of retries, up to the vendor, the AP deauthenticate the STA, right?

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