• Hi All,

    I am wondering if anyone has a good comparison of a HP wireless solution Vs. a Meru wireless solution. I understand some of the key differences however would like a good document or presentation that is not biased to either vendor as I know each solution has their place in the world.

    Thanks :)

  • Hi Dylan

    I cant give you a direct comparrison as each solution has its place and can address specific issues in WLAN's, however I can send you a hotsheet, which is from meru and compares (favoured to Meru of course!) SCA against MCA. Drop me your address and i will send it over.


  • The following research document compares all the large players in the wireless space - including HP and Meru:

  • By (Deleted User)

    If you want a paper from the MCA camp to compare with the one referenced by CraigP, Aruba has one here: [url=][/url]

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