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    Ia there any AP having support for Delayed Block Ack feature of 11n. Why Delayed Block ack feature  is not being suppoted any specification reason? As of specification it is a mandatory feature of 11n. Can any body provide more info about it?

  • Ajay,

    Great question and I will take your question away and see if I can find some more info based on vendor implementation. I dont have direct experience on the subject. This is what I've found:

    The delayed policy allows the group acknowledgement to be sent in a subsequent TXOP following the burst. The same sequence of a contention free burst and block ACK request is used as in the immediate mode. The receiver simply sends a standard ACK in response to the block ACK request, indicating that the block ACK will be delayed. Delayed acknowledgement increases the latency, and is provided to support lower performance implementations that are unable to immediately calculate the ACK.

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