• Hello colleagues,

    I'm currently studying for the CWDP exam and I have the following question:
    Page 446 describes a Real World Scenario where a CWNE has used a protocol analyzer to check RF Channel utilization. How can I do it using Wireshark/Airpcap, Omnipeek, AirMagnet and CommView for WiFi?


  • Ok, ok guys let's be fair. If you know how to do it with any protocol analyzer please let me know. Things that I am considering:
    1) RF channel utilization consider IFS?
    2) Real numbers only achieved if the analyzer uses a static channel
    3) RF channel utilization does not depend on the rates used, it's a raw measure, correct?
    4) Is it like duty cycle?

  • By (Deleted User)

    I'll get to the first part of your question... in the meantime...

    1. No
    2. Analyzers sit on a channel for a short period of time (250 ms) when you're scanning, so they make the utilization calculation based on that observed time interval. The utilization numbers are more reliable if you use a static channel.
    3. Yes.
    4. Yes, but Wi-Fi only.

  • Thanks Marcus,

    In CWDP book page 674 I can see how it is done with AirMagnet.

    If IFS are not considered then a 100% utilization should be impossible right?

    Unfortunately I don't have AirMagnet so I'm still interested in knowing how to do it with Wireshark or OminiPeek.

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