• Can you take a look at the HT Capabilities Info field of the HT Capabilities Element ( both from the AP e.g. beacon ) and from the STA ( e.g. Probe Request, Association Request etc ). There should be a field called Supported MCS set in the latter. Let us know ( copy and paste if possible ) what both of them say.

    What OS are you are running on the STA ? Are you using Odyssey or something similar for a client program?.the Intel client program etc ?



  • Had a good chat with Intel and Ruckus today. Excellent support. Very friendly. Didn?t get any guff off them. Very impressed with the Ruckus website. Nicely laid out, easy to find stuff. I?m a big Cisco fan, but from a point of view of ?easy to find things?, this was enjoyable.

    The Ruckus guy said that some older versions of AP software have problems with some of the newer adaptors. I?ll send you a PM with the guy?s details. Confirmed WMM and CCMP-AES config mismatches can cause a pile of problems.

    The Intel folks suggested the usual trying with a different laptop etc, but also had a few suggestions:

    Nathalie : ok, and he is not using Bluetooth at the same time? the only settings you can change or for the adapter itself, (in the adapter's properties, in device manager) but these setting wont have much effect on the connection speed if any,
    Nathalie : you can change the transmit power to maximum and the roaming aggressiveness to medium or low, if you only use one router,
    Nathalie : these settings are more for stability then speed

    : Tks. Have you seen anything like this before ? If his max rate was 54 Mbps, that could indicate WMM, encryption issues etc, but he is seeing 65 Mbps
    Nathalie : exactly, but no, we have not seen a known issue like this, the problem is that these wireless adapters depend completely on integration, so depending on what the computer manufacturer specified it might affect the adapters performance, if there is not enough resources dedicated for the miniPCIe port then you might need to see if disabling other functions, or connecting the laptop directly to a power source makes any difference, then also since the adapter only works in 2.4GHz it is vulnerable to all 2.4 interference.
    Nathalie : and if he for some reason is installing the adapter on his own (instead of pre-installed by laptop manufacturer), it might be just plain compatibility issue
    : Tks Natalie. I'm going to check with him and get back to you. Can you give me a case number, please ?

    Will send you the case number by PM.

    Intel Live-Chat:

    Let us know how you get on.


  • Wow, Dave thanks very much for taking time to look into this with me...Got to love the fellow Wi-Fi guys in the world..802.3 engineers wouldn't do this :)

    Unfortunately i had to send the laptop back to the customer last Friday. However still have access to the APs here in my office. (running 9.3). The customer is running (8.2 and i understand there was some Tx buffer bugs in that code! will get him to upgrade asap)

    I stripped the laptop of Intel's own Wi-Fi software and just let MS manage it, to no avail.

    I'll host a remote session with the customer this afternoon and look into it further with him.
    Once he is running 9.3 I can use the new packet capture feature to look at the clients supported MCS.

    Really appreciate it!

    Kind Regards

    P.S whom at Ruckus did you speak with?

  • Hi Stu

    Have sent you a PM with the info ( may be in your spam folder ). I didn't catch the guy's name, but have included his e-mail. If you call the number in the e-mail, they'll put you through to someone. Just let them know the serial numbers and model numbers of the units, as well as the software versions. They're very friendly and helpful at Ruckus. Was impressed.

    If you can't find the PM, let me know.

    Remember to check the MCS rates being advertized both from the AP and the client.



  • Just sent you a copy of the PM. Pse check and let me know if you get it.

    Don't worry. We'll get to the bottom of this even it kills us...........


  • Stuart

    Just received an e-mail from Ruckus. Can you please send them the serial number/software version info ?
    I'll send a copy of the message I received ( the support guy's name is on the message ).

    Did you get the PMs I sent ?

    Have you been able to take a look at the MCS rate info ?



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