• I have read in many places, including the CWDP book that you should "avoid stacking AP's directly on top of each other between floors", and "It is best to place AP's in a staggered fashion between floors".   I have always taken these recommendations as gospel.

    However, I recently came across chapter 17 of the Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) CVD document that contradicts this advice.    Specifically it says:

    "It is recommended to deploy vertically aligned AP's to give the best results for inter-floor sensitive location"   (?) and

    "AP's can be one or two meters offset per floor but in general they are in alignment.", and

    "Having AP's vertically aligned on adjacent floors is not a problem."

    Now to be fair, there is one sentence at the end of the section that says "Care should also be given to staggered AP deployments where floor materials have weak absorption".    But why bother ?

    It seems to me that Cisco's advice is just asking for trouble, and that planning a staggered deployment from the very start of the project is the way to go.

    Can anyone explain (or excuse) Cisco's rationale a little better than they do ?

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