• So are you saying that some clients will respond to an RTS and others won't? RTS/CTS is not security related so the supplicant type shouldn't matter unless they are doing something strange.

    RTS/CTS is an 802.11 protocol. If the STA's act according to protocol, they will respond to an RTS with a CTS. An RTS packet only has space for the transmitter and receiver address so the only way a STA would not respond is if it did a check of the transmitter MAC address and checked it against the BSSID. If they don't match then don't respond. However, the standard (to my knowledge) does not have provisions for such.

    However, your test proves that their system may not work. You did confirm that the address was to your MAC address?

    Interesting situation. Hey, why can't they just listen to Probe Request frames from the client instead?

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