• Thought I?d start a post on interesting Wi-Fi videos. Pse post anything that is of general interest/could help someone taking CWNA/CWSP exams.

    The first one to get the ball rolling is a tour of a testing lab that tests Wi-Fi gear as well as other devices:


  • An interview regarding FCC "White Space":


  • Excellent 802.11n video series from Aerohive ( under ?Multimedia?Technology? )


  • 53 years ago yesterday, the Russians launched Sputnik 1 which began the space race:

    This amazing little satellite was the predecessor for many future satellite and space systems which gave us most of the technology that is used in Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and Cellular systems:

    Integrated circuits ( ICs ), smart antennas ( including beam forming ) Time Division Multiple Access, shaped beam patterns, beacons, heat dissipation engineering, link budget advancements, Network Management Systems, Forward Error Correction ( as per OFDM ), BPSK, QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM ( in conjunction with terrestrial microwave systems ), rapid development of spectrum analysis techniques, etc etc.

    Not much new under the sun.

    Happy birthday Sputnik ( in memory only....sadly no longer with us after burning up in the earth's atmosphere )


  • I remember my dad waking me one night and carrying me outside in my pajamas, to see this bright little ball go across the heavens - it was Sputnik! .

    I didn't truly appreciate it at the time, but that's one sight I'll never forget. It really was a bright little sucker.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Did the same over here in Sweden, but I discovered it by myself 6 years old. I said "look Pa a travelling star"

  • At 3 years old, I wasn't allowed outside at 2:00 in the morning :-) .

  • As it's the weekend, thought I'd put this one for interest. I was blown away by this one. The pioneering spirit shown by these people is incredible. This shows American ingenuity at it's best. Wi-Fi was built on the backs of amateur radio enthusiasts. Amateurs have played a huge role in modern technological development. From Steve Wozniak tinkering in his garage to Alan Dyson "re-inventing" the vacuum cleaner, amateurs continue to break boundaries.


  • Some very nice videos from Meru on 802.11n etc vendor comparisons/vendor bashing on this thread


  • GT Hill does a great job of explaining Hidden Node ( and AP - "who knew ?" ) issues as well as some DFS stuff.


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