• Hi,

    I have completed IT Projects and I'm thinking about taking the CWTS to get into the Wireless Industry.
    Needed advice and help.

    What kinds of jobs/postions will I be able to apply for in the wireless industry after passing the CWTS?

    Does anyone have a list of companies I can contact for employment after passing the CWTS?

    Does CWNP offer any kind of help finding employment after you pass your exams?

    If anyone has any advice or information, please let me know.

    Thank You.

  • You may not find someone looking for a CWTS specifically, but you will find companies looking for wireless experience. Dice and Monster both have listings for these jobs and the numbers are increasing. BIG hint though - [u]don't search on Wireless[/u], unless you want to sell cell phones. Search specifically on 802.11, 802.11n, even Bluetooth.

    At the very least CWTS lets you talk-the-talk, and if you already have experience in a technical field, the ability to sound intelligent about wireless topics will get you the job over the competition that can't.

  • Also, go here: [b][/b] and follow [url=][b]@cwnpjobs on Twitter[/b][/url].

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