• Hi

    After going through the threads here , I've figured out that the best practice is to go through the Exam objectives.

    I've started out with covering objectives.

    Each objective is spanned across multiple chapters and it's becoming a bit tough searching them.

    Is this the correct approach OR start with chapter1 till chapter 20 and make sure to cover the objectives ?

    Any tips will help me.



  • Studying to the objectives is the way to go.   But I would still start by going through the book cover to cover.

    The catch is that the books do not cover everything in the objectives, so after you are done reading you'll still need to ferret out other sources to fill in the gaps.

    Don't take the real exam until you can easily, and consistently, get high 90's on the practice exam(s).

  •  I have more than a week until my CWNA exam, I don't know if I have the winning formula, but, read the book cover to cover the Deluxe version is a masterpiece , watch cwnp videos on youtube, Jerome Henry's videos , use free content from, listen  to nice podcast for beginners , Rick's and why not the white papers section in resources !! Mattew Gast books on n/ac .... 

       Don't rush and have fun !! Florin

  • Florin,

    How are your practice exam scores doing ?

  • I only have the exam voucher no practice test ! I made my own CWNA q test in Anki and downloaded some questions from there ....  

  • If you can afford it, I would get access to them right away.

  •  I was thinking about it , but I spent 200 $ for a Cisco 33502i and 3x3560 switches ....  is nice that I can play with the WLC  8.x that Cisco is offering for free  ! I'm gonna buy the CWAP bundle for sure ... I still have 5 days till impact !! 

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