• Hi Kevin

    A few people have gotten in touch with me to say they couldn't open the last two "neck pain posts" that I put up. I can open them fine myself. Please have a look and see if you can see what's going on.

    Your name has come up on them.



  • By (Deleted User)

    I'm sure my name has come up many times in the context of pains in the neck.

    That said, the only neck pain post I see is this one:

    "Getting Rid of Muscular Causes of Neck Pain Part 1: Postural Analysis Part A"

    Are there others? I assume so since there would naturally be a "Part B", etc.

  • Kevin

    I can see the following two posts:

    Getting Rid of Muscular Causes of Neck Pain Part 1: Postural Analysis Part B (0 views)
    Array kevinsandlin
    Getting Rid of Muscular Causes of Neck Pain Part 1: Postural Analysis Part C (0 views)

    Array kevinsandlin

  • Dave & Kevin,

    I don't see either of those. All I get is "Topic not Found.".

    Ironically, I can see topic # 6702, which is one I started.


  • Dave,

    I have noticed a paucity of posts lately - maybe there is a gremlin (hacker) loose. My original thought was that it was due to people being busy during the summer months.

    Actually, there is also one negative number of posts in the counter fields for the Forums. I PM'd Kevin on this but didn't get a response - maybe that got deleted too.

    It could also be that a disk directory has been screwed up some time back, and instead of adding posts, things are dissapearing into some dark hole.

    PS: I just checked my list of PM's, and where Kevins name appeared next to my message to him just the other day, the field is now blank. In fact, all the places Kevins name appeared previously are now blank.

    Did you piss someone off Kevin ?


  • Yes, Wlanman it's strange. I can see and open the last two posts mentioned easily. Yet others ( from different places all over the world ) either cannot see them at all or get some sort of weird "security certificate missing" type of message show up.


  • As of the time of writing this, I see my last ?neck? post in between the

    ?Wireless Engineering Atlanta Job?.? and ?Open SSL? posts.


  • Just tried posting Part B again and your name has come up once more.


  • That's interesting. Tried a test post and that came up as normal with my name. Will try changing the title of the Part B post ( perhaps system has associated that title with your name Kevin, as admin ).


  • Kevin

    Changed title of topic twice and keeps coming up with your name.

    Are you able to see ( as admin ) any of the last few posts that I put up ? ( "Analysis of Postural Problems" and "Second Part of Topic" )


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