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  • I'll be more active on this forum so thought I would say "Hi". Here's a question to go with the hello. In large enterprise environments what is the most used Wi-Fi authentication/login method nowadays?

  • By Howard - edited: March 7, 2021

    Well, right off the bat you can bet its going to be either WPA or WPA2 "Enterprise".   Less likely for WPA now, but you might still find some examples, especially for large groups that don't have their own IT staff (more common than you might think).   WPA3 is not that widespread, otherwise you would expect to see that in any location that is truly concerned about their security.

    RADIUS is very common, although their are other authentication mechanisms available. There are a couple RADIUS "flavors".  Be sure you get one that will work for your application.   Active Directory and LDAP are also ubiquitous. 

    At one time, the Forums were especially busy. Over the years many thousands of posts have been lost due to system crashes, and probably cost considerations, but there is a very large historical database of knowledge represented here (if you can avoid the spam posts).  I hope you find it useful.


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