• I am using a psp, and i am sure it has nothing to do with this, but as I sit beside my wireless hub, which is currently ON, and sending a signal to another computer, I try to scan for a signal using my psp, but it finds no access point

    is there somthing i can do so the psp finds the access point?

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    You've probably disabled broadcast SSID on your access point. You'll need to enter the SSID in the PSP so it can find it. Also, if you're using WEP or WPA, you'll need to enter the key information in the PSP as well.


  • what is a psp?

  • By (Deleted User)

    PSP = Play Station Portable. Get with the times man! Geez! You're probably still playing Pong on an Atari C-100 (

    Just kidding! The Sony PSP is a very cool handhelg gaming system with awesome graphics and 802.11b wireless capability. Check it out here:


  • Your AP may be set to 802.11g-only mode, but the PSP only supports 802.11b.

  • when i try to connect to the net from my psp it says that there is no access point, my psp is version 2.00 is there any thing that some1 could tell me to help me connect to the net.

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