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    Follow this links to find more information.

    Product Page

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    Just for your information.
    As by coincedence Polycom/Spectralink announced their new handset the day after Ascom's press release went out.

    The Ascom handset is in production and for ordering now. The Polycom/Spectralink sometimes first half year 2011 according to their press release.

  • It would be great if we could get working links to either device.

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    Here is the URL to the newly announced Polycom 8400 phones:

    Looks like lots of cool new goodies and features!

    Good news is that SVP is evidently being phased out. These will be SIP phones that use WMM QoS. SInce the phones will be 1x1 MIMO they will have to use WMM to be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance for 802.11n compliance.

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    This one is correct
    They changed the path.

    Cheers Martin

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