• Hi All,

    Any ideas when the new edition of CWAP exam is coming? The old one lacks 802.11ac and is outdated.

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Matti - We are working on it.  Next up is CWDP-302, which launches 01 Sep 2015.  Look for CWAP-402 (next version) by the end of the year.
    V/r, Brad

  • This is great news!

  • Hi Brad,

    Just wondering if there is any update in regards to the new CWAP-402?



  • By Brad - edited: March 7, 2016

    Hi Marco,
    No announcements yet, but we expect it in the middle of 2016.  It will be announced in our newsletter at least 90 days before hand.
    V/r, Brad

  • Any news on an updated Study Guide for the new version?  Or will we continue to use the existing one?

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